Weekly Indie Log #12

Weekly Indie Log #12

Topics: Bugfixes, getting feedback and the best month ever

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First things first, let's start with the celebration of personal bests and new milestones because that's what keeps me motivated to work on my app business day in and day out: November is over and after checking the revenue I can proudly say that my app business reached a new all-time high.


Here are the numbers:

  • 💰 $7673 revenue (+31%)

  • 💸 $2443 MRR (+22%)

  • 👥 2974 subscribers (+21%)

I know that I'm riding the end-of-the-year habit tracking hype and that the numbers will likely be going down at the start of next year, but I'm hoping that a nice amount of customers and users keep engaged and work on their habits well into the next year.

HabitKit Bugfixing

This week a couple of messages and emails reached me regarding bugs and weird new behaviors:

  • The most critical one: A user can't open the app anymore and wrote a surprisingly nice email with some information and a screen recording. Super helpful, but I still haven't figured out why this is happening. Sadly, I can't find information about this bug in Crashlytics, so it's mostly poking around in the dark.

  • I messed up the behavior of the calendar view for a habit. On the first of December, a lot of people messaged me that they couldn't check off past dates anymore. The problem was that they tried to check off a date in November (which is a part of the current week) from the view of December. I accidentally deleted a part of the view that updates the state of the calendar to the previous month when a user tries to do this. It's already fixed and will roll out with HabitKit 1.6.3 (early next week).

  • Got feedback from several people stating that they liked the previous version of the calendar view better. I will try to improve the visibility of completed days (or revert the changes completely for habits that require only one completion per day).

  • A user reported that the "time-of-completion" graph in the charts section doesn't take the user's timezone into account. Got that one fix with version 1.6.1.

Feedback Gathering

When I started HabitKit I added something very simple to the app: A button, hidden in the settings section of the app, that the users can tap and that opens the email client of the user with a preconfigured address and information about the app's version and the used OS.

Based on a viral tweet I saw on X, I added a home screen quick action to HabitKit. The title will be "Something Wrong?" and has the same behavior as described above when you tap it. I hope to receive some constructive feedback from users who are about to uninstall the app. Let's see how it goes.

LinkedIn Cross-Posting

Another new thing: I'm trying to cross-post my content from X to LinkedIn. I suddenly started to like the platform and a little bit of diversification in the social media space can't hurt (especially with all the Elon Musk acquisition drama). Already gained a few followers on LinkedIn and will continue the experiment. If you like to support me, make sure to check out my profile, follow/connect and drop a like or two!


This week I struggled super hard to find the motivation to write this issue by the way. But then I reminded myself that consistency is the most important aspect of life and told myself to write at least a few sentences yesterday afternoon. After a couple of minutes in, I completely got into the flow and wrote this thing from top to bottom. That's why I added two items to my "To Remember" section of my weekly goals: "Put in the hard work!" and "Produce > Consume", which fit perfectly to this week's ending I should probably add a habit to HabitKit to remind me of writing the content for this blog on a daily basis.

That's it for this week, see you in the next one 👋

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