Weekly Indie Log #17

Weekly Indie Log #17

Topics: $5k MRR, IndieHackers.com and interactive home screen widgets

As every week, let's start with celebrating the wins to keep myself motivated and accountable. This week I had the opportunity to enjoy two achievements:

Reaching $5k MRR

My app business crossed the magic number of $5,000 in monthly recurring revenue (which basically means only people who have subscriptions for my app, monthly or annual). That's a huge milestone for me and I would never have thought that I would reach this incredible number that quick. Another cool metric that goes hand in hand with the MRR: 6,000 awesome people decided to support the ongoing development of my apps with an active subscription. Thanks to everyone who supported me, I can't express how thankful I am to be in this situation.

Now I'm even more excited for my upcoming switch to full-time self-employment and I hope for continued growth so that I can live off it for a longer time.

IndieHackers.com Feature

Last weekend I reposted my "Year in Review" article for 2023 to indiehackers.com. It quickly got featured on the home page and gained some traction. After a while I received an email from James from the IH team asking me if I'm interested in answering a couple of questions about my upcoming transition to full-time indie hacking and how I handle my finances. This resulted in another featured article which you can find here.

I am super happy for the opportunity to share my learnings and views on indiehackers.com because the site had a huge influence on me in the past and it actually was the source that got me hooked with topics like indie hacking, bootstrapping and self-employment. If indiehackers.com didn't exists, I probably would never have started my app business.


Home Screen Widget Interactivity Progress

Another tough week while having a real job and trying to make progress on my own apps at the same time. Again, I'm not really satisfied with my progress on the big home screen widget rewrite for HabitKit, but slow and steady wins the race:

  • I focused on the iOS and SwiftUI part of the app and will deal with Android after I got that done. It doesn't really make sense to work on both sides and being forced context-switch often. Still, the plan is to release the update for both platforms at the same time. But let's see how much progress I'll be able to make in the upcoming week.

  • I struggled to nail the reactivity part of the widget. For some reason the widget doesn't always get the freshest data from the App Group container and I have the feeling that there is some underlying asynchronicity issue when communication between the Flutter code and the native widget.

  • Regardless of this issue, I managed to make good progress and finally added the button, hooked it up with the Flutter database code and even rendered some completions in the consistency grid. Check out the video in the X post below to see the widget in action.

Up next: Fix the reactivity issues of the widget and add support for some edge cases like multiple completions per day, highlighting the current day and starting the week on a Sunday. Hope to get all of this finished next week.

Some Cool Tools

I saw some cool posts on X this week: The first one was an announcement for a cool (Flutter) IDE which runs completely in the cloud/web. Check out this cool post, especially the part about running the iOS and Android simulator in your browser sounds exciting:

Another interesting post about the beta of a cool-looking Flutter package. This looks heavily inspired by styled React components with a touch of TailwindCSS and RadixUI. Looks like a great addition to the Flutter ecosystem and I'm excited to try it out in a future project:

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