Weekly Indie Log #31

Weekly Indie Log #31

Topics: Over $100k Revenue, HabitKit Improvements, HabitKit 1.7.0

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Let's start with a celebration this week: I recently realized that when adding up the revenue numbers my business already made in the months of 2024, the number exceed $100k and is already double the total amount of last year ($52,291). In just 5 months my app business already generated $110,585 in total revenue (in-app purchases and subscription revenue combined) across all platforms (iOS & Android). As usual, most of this revenue comes from my second app, HabitKit, a habit tracking app for iOS and Android.

In terms of distribution across iOS and Android: ~$49,000 came from the App Store and ~$61,000 was generated on Google Play. Pretty happy with this (more or less) even distribution. Feels good to not rely on only a single platform. Being that visible on both platforms is a great way to reduce risk in case one of them falls away some day.

Another cool thing that happened this week: On Thursday I was a guest on the "Sub Club Podcast by RevenueCat" and talked with David and Jakob about my journey of building and bootstrapping my app business from the start to the current day. I had a lot of fun talking to these experienced app subscription experts and even took one or two todos home.

HabitKit 1.7.0 and Improvements

I finally did it: I handed HabitKit 1.7.0 (adding widget interactivity and responsiveness) in fore review at Google and Apple. The review time was really low this time and it got approved after a couple of hours. I will schedule the (phased) launch for Monday next week, required that I don't find a terrible bug or mistake over the weekend. So by the end of the next week, every HabitKit Pro user should be able to check out the new interactive widgets of the app.

Rewriting the widget section of the app to include interactivity (and responsiveness on Android) has been really tough, but I hope that everything will work as expected now and I'm happy to get this huge update off my shoulders. I hope that it will be a calm launch without any bad experiences. But I'm still unsure about how my Android widgets will behave on the really scattered Android device landscape.

I also worked on HabitKit 1.7.1: Since I launched HabitKit 1.5 years ago, I continuously received feedback and change requests (or even confusion) about the reordering of the habits on the dashboard: This week I added a quicker way to reorder the habits right from the overview screen. Previously you had to do it from a menu hidden in the settings of the app and so many people can't find it by themselves.

Now it's available from a context menu which opens when you long-press the relevant habit card on the overview screen. I took some time and redesigned the list view where you can drag-and-drop the habits into their new position. I'm really happy with this design now. Flutter package recommendation: wolt_modal_sheet and super_context_menu helped me very much building this new section of the app. Hope to reduce the amount of feedback emails I receive with this!

That's it for this week, see you in the next one 👋

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