Weekly Indie Log #35

Weekly Indie Log #35

Topics: June Revenue Recap, Pricing Experiments, HabitKit Month View

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Let's start this week by looking at the revenue recap of my app business in June. Here are the raw numbers in terms of revenue, MRR and subscriber count:
💰 $13,605 revenue (-8%)
💸 $6,981 MRR (0%)
👥 9015 subscribers (+1%)

Again, this month's revenue had a small dip of 8%, totalling $13,605. While it's definitely not the direction I was hoping for, I think it's still mostly caused by seasonality of the habit tracking business. Nevertheless, maintaining a stable Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) of $6,981 is really awesome, indicating that the majority of my user base remains loyal.

To put things into perspective: When comparing the June revenue of last year ($3,254) with this year's revenue ($13,605) we still had an impressive growth of 318%. I'm sure that these numbers will rise again in Fall and I hope that my apps can sustain my full-time indie hacking for a longer time! In the meantime though, I will reevaluate my pricing strategy (which leads to the next topic...).

Pricing Experiments

As I already announced you in last week's newsletter, I finally upgraded my old RevenueCat Pro plan to one of their newer plans. The one I originally subscribed to was discontinued and lacked a couple of new features. Now I finally have access to their awesome pricing experiments features. Let's see if I'm leaving money on the table!

After 1.5 years of HabitKit being on the App Store and releasing feature after feature, many people told me to at least double my prices. That's why I'm starting with a first experiment on iOS. Over the course of the next month I will try out different pricing points for both the subscriptions (monthly/annual) and the "lifetime" in-app purchases.

The setup was really quick and easy: I just had to create the subscriptions and in-app purchases in App Store Connect and immediately handed them in for review. One day later, Apple already approved the new items so I could add them to a new RevenueCat offering. That was pretty much everything and I instantly started the experiment. I'll keep you updated how it's going of course!

HabitKit Month View

This week I spent a lot of time on the next big HabitKit update. As I already wrote in last week's issue of this log, I'm adding cool new view modes to the app. I tried to make the "Compact Mode" a little bit more exciting and added more history to the list items. You can see and check off the last 4 days in this view now. I already received great feedback on X and hope that HabitKit's user base will like it as well.

I also revisited the "Split View" this week. I had the feeling that it didn't stand out enough in comparison to the "classic" HabitKit view. Actually, nobody ever wished for this view, I just build it because I had a quick idea. So I decided to change the approach and transform it to a "Month View" (which many users already requested). In it you can quickly check the month's progress of your habits and even swipe back to see the consistency of past months.

I already deployed it to my beta testers and will use it myself for a couple of days to evaluate it's usefulness.

Reviewing Habits

In case you didn't register it: The first half of 2024 is over and that's usually the best time to reevaluate your lifestyle, productivity and (of course) habits. This week I took a look at my consistency and review what worked out an what not!

I immediately registered that I completely neglected my goal to learn Norwegian after I came back from my vacation in May. I will definitely pick it up again, because learning languages is pretty fun and a great hobby. Can't wait to take my first vacation in Norway and talk to some locals there!

Also funny that you can immediately spot my vacation. I neglected most of my habits when I was on the road and feel no regrets. It's super important to take a vacation from habit tracking sometimes....

That's it for this week, see you in the next one 👋

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