Weekly Indie Log #6

Weekly Indie Log #6

Topics: Running marathons, getting testimonials and writing integration tests.

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Already the sixth week of writing about my experiences. I'm really happy about everyone reading these logs and wanted to thank everyone for the kind words. I get a lot of messages stating that they think this is inspiring and motivating and that's exactly why I started this blog.

Why it's late this time: I couldn't write and publish this issue on Sunday, as I usually do, because I ran my first Marathon on that day. Instead of writing these words, I had to get up early before the run and eat a lot of pizza after the run. It was very hard but I made it to the finish line and I'm very proud of that.

Short revenue update: If you read the issue of this blog you'll probably remember that revenue was a little bit down in September. The first two weeks of October have been great and if it continues like that, I'm positive that this will be the best month of my app business so far. Fingers crossed 🤞

Getting Testimonials

This week I got a cool shoutout on Twitter / X and I really love getting testimonials like this:

Aj even went the extra mile and pimped the screenshot by adding a cool gradient background. I liked it so much that I added a task to my backlog to make the habit share functionality look the same. Now I just need to find the time to implement it, but I'm sure that I will tackle this in a future update!

Integration Testing

This week I finished writing integration tests for the most essential user flows in HabitKit:

  • ✅ Habit Overview: Making sure that habits and the completions are rendered correctly. Check for tile colors and completeness of data. Also, ensure that users can check off habits for today.

  • ✅ Habit Edit: Test that habits can be created and edited. Check the relevant values in the database to ensure everything was saved correctly.

  • ✅ Habit Detail: Check that habit name, description, completions and streak goals are displayed correctly. Make sure that all submenus are reachable.

I even wrote an integration test that simulated the initial database migration from Isar to Sqlite for the next update. This boosts my confidence that everything works. If you want to see one of the tests in action, check out this post:

Bugfixing & Testing

I made a ton of progress in implementing the next big HabitKit update. Fixed a lot of bugs and optimized the app in terms of performance. The current version that I used through TestFlight feels really great at the moment. Here are some things I've done:

  • Improved app startup performance by optimizing the way the data is handed to the home screen widgets. I did a lot of unnecessary calls here.

  • Fixed a bug in the habit edit view where the start and end dates of the current streak goal interval overlapped. This led to a lot of unexpected behaviors.

  • Got first tester feedback and tried to highlight the current day in the calendar view better.

That's it for this week, thank you for reading 🙌

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